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The Suica/Pasmo reader and ledger tracking your expenses. * Suikakeibo lets you see your recent trips and keep track of all your IC card expenses with a simple touch. * Find a colorful history with all the original line colors and check on your monthly spending. * Always see what's left on your card and never get the buzzer at the gate again Open the Suica or PASMO app on your iPhone. Follow the instructions to create a new card and transfer it to your Apple Watch. Start using Suica. Unlike credit and prepaid cards in Apple Pay, Suica and PASMO cards can exist on only one device at a time

Recharge your Suica or PASMO card To add money to your Suica or PASMO card, set up a supported credit or prepaid card in the Wallet app. On your iPhone, open Wallet, tap the card that you want to add money to. Tap the more button, tap Add Money, then choose the amount, and tap Add Suica- oder PASMO-Karte aufladen Richte eine unterstützte Kredit- oder Guthabenkarte in der Wallet-App ein, um deiner Suica- oder PASMO-Karte ein Guthaben hinzuzufügen. Öffne auf deinem iPhone die Wallet-App, und tippe auf die Karte, deren Guthaben du aufladen möchtest. Tippe auf die Mehr-Taste und dann auf Geld hinzufügen iPhone's Apple Pay will automatically detect the Mobile Suica app once installed. After Apple Pay and Suica are linked, you can add money to your Suica easily. Just open your Apple Pay wallet, tap Suica card, and tap Add Money. Follow the rest of the prompts and it's easy peasy The iOS 13 Suica setup is exactly like the current Beijing/Shanghai transit card setup with one big difference: you use your Apple Pay credit/debit cards to add money to Suica, it's open ended. China transit virtual cards require an Apple Pay China UnionPay credit/debit card, it's not inbound friendly

Seit 2019 gibt es eine Touristen-Suica (Welcome) und eine Suica-App für Iphone 8+, damit lässt sich eine Virtuelle Suica anlegen und du zahlst mit Apple Pay. Die Karte kostet 500 Yen Pfand, die App und die Touristen-Suica benötigen dagegen keinen Pfand Die Suica Karte ist eine anonyme, wiederaufladbare Prepaid-Smartcard, die Ihnen ticketlose Fahrten ermöglicht und zwar mit U-Bahn, Bussen, Monorail und Zügen im Großraum Tokio und anderen Regionen Japans (U-Bahn und einige Busse in Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima außer Busse, Nara, Himeji, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Sendai, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko, Nagoya, Kumamoto, Beppu) The Suica card is a prepaid smart card that allows you to use most public transport (metro, trains, buses, monorail) in Japan.The card is debited for every trip or purchase you make when you touch the card to the reader.The Suica card was created by JR East, but can also be used throughout Japan on the other prepaid card networks like Pasmo

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SuicaEng card added to Wallet and ready for use; The same virtual Suica restrictions of Suica App apply: Only one Suica can be added, if you already have a Suica in Wallet you cannot add another one with SuicaEng, a second virtual Suica (My Suica/Commuter Suica) requires the full Suica App and free registration of a Mobile Suica account.; Once added, Suica is managed in Wallet or Watch app Setting up a virtual (mobile) Suica card in Japan Apple users. To set up a virtual Suica on your iPhone, you must set your device region to Japan. To activate the card, open the Wallet app and select the Suica profile. If you previously had a real Suica, you can add the remaining amount on that card to your virtual wallet by following the prompts and adding the last few digits of the card. Or you can create a new Suica card on your iPhone. You can choose to pay via Apple Pay or direct from. This app adds an Anonymous Suica card in your Wallet. With this card you can travel and purchase in major cities, Japan. - No fee, no deposit - No plastic Suica cards to start - Add money is available in Wallet with Apple Pay *** Important Notice *** [!] Only one Suica card can be added. [!] Once added, Suica card is managed in Wallet or Watch app Mobile PASMO and Apple Pay PASMO launched in 2020. Suica App and PASMO App are iOS apps for accessing the full range of cloud services on Mobile Suica • Mobile PASMO. Suica App has 3 basic function: (1) train commute plan purchase and expired commute plan renewal, (2) Green Car Seat upgrades, (3) Auto-Charge setup Falls du bereits eine Suica- oder PASMO-Karte besitzt, kannst du diese in der Wallet-App zu Apple Pay übertragen. 4 Du kannst auch eine neue Karte erstellen und sie der Wallet-App in der Suica- oder PASMO-App hinzufügen. Zum Übertragen einer physischen Suica- oder PASMO-Karte auf dein iPhone benötigst du Folgendes:

Suica and WAON now available on Google Pay Starting today, you can add and manage your Suica and WAON cards in Google Pay if you live in Japan and have an Osaifu-Keitai eligible phone. This means four major Japanese prepaid e-money cards—nanaco, Rakuten Edy, Suica and WAON—can all be used with Google Pay Apple PayのSuicaでできること. SuicaカードをApple Payに取込む. お手持ちのSuicaカードをiPhone*でApple Payに取り込んで利用できます (Suicaカードが無くても、Suicaアプリケーションから新規発行ができます。. ). *iPhone 7以降の機種が対象です。. 交通機関や買い物がスムーズに. 全国のICマークのある鉄道・バス・お店などでSuicaとしてご利用いただけます. チャージが簡単. Suica. 在「錢包」App 中建立 Suica 或 PASMO 卡所需具備的條件. iPhone 8 或 iPhone 8 Plus 或後續機型*. Apple Watch Series 3 或後續機型*. 最新版 iOS 或 watchOS. 加入「錢包」App 的信用卡、金融卡或預付卡 **. Internet 連線. 已登入 iCloud 的 Apple ID. 裝置地區設為日本. *您也可以使用在日本購買的 iPhone 7、iPhone 7 Plus 和 Apple Watch Series 2 設定 Suica。 Per App: Für iPhones 8 oder höher gibt es die Möglichkeit, eine Suica Card zu Apple Play hinzuzufügen. Die beiden nächsten Möglichkeiten halte ich für am einfachsten, daher werfen wir einen genaueren Blick auf diese. Suica Card online kaufen. Ganz bequem ist es natürlich, wenn Du die Karte online bestellst. Diese wird Dir dann per Brief zugeschickt und ist direkt voll einsatzbereit. Suica cards issued by the Tokyo Monorail or elsewhere cannot be returned to JR East. Refer to the issuing company for further details on how to return them. When the card is returned, the deposit of 500 yen is returned along with any remaining amount. There is a charge of 220 yen to return a Suica card, which is deducted from the total. For refunds, a fee of 220 yen is subtracted from the.

Suica (Japanese: スイカ, Suika) is a prepaid rechargeable contactless smart card, electronic money used as a fare card on train lines in Japan, launched on November 18, 2001. The card can be used interchangeably with JR West's ICOCA in the Kansai region and San'yō region in Okayama, Hiroshima, and Yamaguchi prefectures, and also with JR Central's TOICA starting from spring of 2008, JR. Add a virtual Suica•PASMO or transfer one from iPhone with Watch app. See Move your Suica or PASMO from your iPhone to your Apple Watch in the Set up a Suica or PASMO card in Apple Pay support page for details. Add Money/Recharge with Apple Pay: Tap Suica•PASMO card in Wallet. Tap Add Money. Choose the amount, tap Add SUICA will stay on your phone. You need the SUICA app only if you want to generate (or buy) a brand new SUICA card on your phone - only in Japanese but simple interface. Don't need any app to add money to SUICA on Apple Pa

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  1. * モバイル Suica に対応しています。 * 定期情報は見れません。(定期以外につかっていない場合読み取りに失敗します。) * Android 2.3.3 以上 * 端末が NFC に対応している必要があります。 * 履歴をアプリ内に保存できます。 * バスの場合、会社名を表示します.
  2. Die Suica-Karte muss mit der Nutzung der App nicht mehr zusätzlich in handfester Form erworben werden. Was ist die Suica-Karte? Die Suica-Karte ist eine Prepaid-Smartcard, die zum einen ticketlose Fahrten mit U-Bahn, Bussen, Monorail und Zügen im Großraum Tokyo und anderen Regionen Japans ermöglicht. Schnellzüge (Shinkansen), Expresszüge und Langstreckenbusse sind allerdings.
  3. Apple Pay Suica•PASMO works nationwide for transit and store purchases, you add money to Suica•PASMO with your Apple Pay cards from home with no extra charges. Anywhere, Anytime. Problem solved. Say 'Suica' or 'PASMO' to the checkout staff, not 'Apple Pay '. Stores like Doutor Cafe, McDonald's, Lawson accept NFC Pay/EMV cards. Support is growing rapidly. Support for Apple Pay.

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The charge can be used for purchases where Suica cards are accepted and there is an option for adding money via a bank account. The status and balance on all of your FeliCa apps can be checked through the master Osaifu Keitai app. As can be seen below, this also has an option to show the apps using the NFC element embedded on the SIM card (That Docomo calls a UIM card). This is good because. Since the Suica card can only carry a balance of yen, your card will be charged in yen when you top it up via Apple Pay. If you have a card associated with Apple Pay that does not charge large foreign transaction fees, this is a decent option! *The physical IC cards (including Suica) can basically only be topped up at machines with cash, so if. Tip for Android Suica users: install Google Pay If you install it, you can use your Suica just as before, but with additional bonus prize draws and extra Play credits. I've got an affiliate link too that gives you a starting bonus of 500 yen, but I think they are forbidden here, so either PM me or ask another user for a link

Purchasing a Personal User Suica Card in Ten Easy Steps Step 1: Touch the 'Purchase New Suica' button on the lower left panel. Step 2: Select the My Suica optio 38 votes, 13 comments. The Suica card I added and topped up to the Apple Wallet on my iPhone has disappeared. This says why: But how do I recover it Suica refunds can only be done at East Japan Railway Company (JR East) stations where Suica cards are issued. If you leave the greater Tokyo area, you can use your Suica card but cannot be refunded. Keep this in mind if you're planning to travel around Japan. This rule applies to all of the other IC cards available in Japan. For example, you can perform the refunding process for ICOCA cards in. Answer 1 of 6: I'll be spending several weeks in Tokyo and will be commuting each day, so it would be most convienent to use a Pasmo or Suica card. But, this is a business trip, and my company will pay for the transportation costs, if I can provide some sort of..

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  2. e four aspects of using your Suica or Pasmo card: 1) charging your card, 2) using your card to ride the train, 3) making purchases with your Suica, and 4) checking your balance
  3. iPhone Suica App - Reloading with Apple Credit Card. Advice. Just a tip that if you setup the Suica app on your iPhone to pay for transit/goods in Japan, the exchange rate is nearly 1:1. Today, I reloaded 1000 Yen into my Suica account and my US bank got charged $ 9.17. Exchange rate at current rate is about $9.15-$9.18 for 1000 yen..
  4. My Suica card doesn't have an Add money button on the Ap in Apple wallet. What can I do? More Less. iPhone 8 Plus Posted on Sep 19, 2019 3:04 PM Reply I have this question too (4) I have this question too Me too (4) Me too. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: askbarnabas askbarnabas User level: Level 9 (77,304 points).
  5. Users can either transfer the balance from a physical Suica card to the Apple Pay wallet, or create a virtual Suica card in the wallet from the JR East application. On September 12, 2017, Apple announced new iPhone 8 , iPhone X , iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 3 models featuring Global FeliCa, i.e. NFC-F and licensed FeliCa middleware incorporated in all devices sold worldwide, not just.

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  1. Note: Although only Suica is compatible with Apple Pay/Google Wallet, you can still use this card in every other city, despite them each having their own local IC card. How To Set It Up. Download.
  2. Download Suica Reader apk 17.2 for Android. It is an application that displays the history of the riding public transport IC card reader, such as PASMO or Suica
  3. Search for jobs related to Suica card app or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 18m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs
  4. Also, Tokyo Monorail Suica and Rinkai Suica are not issued by JR East, so you need to contact the issuing company of each card directly if you want a refund. different types of IC cards If you purchased your Suica using Apple Pay , you need to complete the withdrawal procedure through the app , at which point your membership information will be deleted, along with your commuter pass
  5. 商品説明. Suica是一款用於乘車、購物的預付費式電子貨幣。有了它,您就無需再到售票機前排隊買票,只需將它在檢票機上輕輕觸碰即可支付車費;有了它,您就可以乘坐JR東日本線、地鐵、公共汽車(請透過Suica可使用地區查閱可以利用的交通工具)。 另外,Suica還可以作為電子貨幣使用
  6. This is the most used IC card balance checker app in Japan! Compatible with Suica card, ICOCA card ,PASMO card and other Japanese train cards. * If the device you are using does not support IC card reading, you can't read the IC card. * Magnetic tickets cannot be read. Supported IC cards ・ Suica [Balance/Recent transactions] ・ PASMO [Balance/Recent transactions] ・ ICOCA [Balance/Recent.
  7. Express Cards with power reserve are a new NFC feature of iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Even when the iPhone battery is run down you can use Apple Pay Suica Expre..

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But Apple launched Suica Card support in Japan when released iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2. Seems that this opportunity works just on iPhone 7, not iPhone 6s. More Less. Oct 21, 2016 3:37 AM Reply Helpful. Thread reply - more options. Link to this Post; Question marked as. I am using a non-Japanese, which does not support suica card, and I have a virtual suica card on my old Apple Watch. The virtual suica card is lost when I try to set up my new Apple Watch. What can I do? More Less. Apple Watch Series 3 Posted on Sep 1, 2018 2:23 AM Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. first Page 1 of 1 Page 1/1 last. Using your Suica card is as easy as paying using any credit card in your Apple Pay Wallet. In fact, if you set it up as an Express Transit card, you will even be able to bypass the authorisation screen and it can be used to pay for train rides as well as small purchases immediately and automatically. If you have added multiple Suica card, the first card that you add to your Wallet is your. Check out the daily app ranking, rank history, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like Suica and IC Card reader - Suikakeibo on google-play Store

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They are also available at train stations in Tokyo. You can get a Pasmo card at any JR Station, and a Suica card at any non-JR station. The Suica Card can also be purchased before you travel from our website. Please click here for more information on how to buy the Suica Card Online. Costs. A Pasmo or a Suica card can be purchased for 1,000 yen. Suica and other IC cards can be really confusing at first, I mean In London you have the Oyster card and you do everything with it. Why does Japan have so many options I do not know, but stick with me and I'll try to explain Suica as best as I can and add some info about the other IC cards. suica.jpg 66.43 KB (This penguin is just too cute :D ) What is Suica My SUICA card was deleted from my Apple Pay and I'm having difficulty getting it back. I've tried the SUICA app. But it doesn't seem like it will work. Please help. More Less. Posted on Jan 30, 2018 1:11 AM Reply I have this question too (18) I have this question too Me too (18) Me too. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Blitzkrieg_exe Blitzkrieg_exe User level: Level 1 (4. The Welcome Suica Card: Specifically for short-term visitors to Japan. In September 2019, Suica introduced the Welcome Suica, a blossom-themed card which is perfect for (some) visitors. It has no deposit, which is great, but it automatically expires after 28 days, so it's only useful for those staying for a few weeks Suica and IC Card reader - Suikakeibo: Free Android app (4.7 ★, 100,000+ downloads) → Scan your Japanese Suica or Pasmo IC Card and see your trips and expenses. The..

Apple Pay also natively supports the recharge of Suica cards from any Apple Pay Visa, Mastercard or Amex card as well, making it particularly handy for inbound travellers Die Abkürzung Suica steht für Super Urban Intelligent CArd (dt. intelligente Großstadt-Karte) und ist zugleich ein Wortspiel mit den japanischen Wörtern für zügig, leicht (suisui to, スイスイと) und Karte (kaado, カード), somit also suika (スイカ), was wiederum das japanische Wort für Wassermelone ist. Die Buchstaben ic sind hervorgehoben, um die Chipkartentechnik.

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Suica Balance Reader - Japan Smart Card Reader liegt in der Kategorie von Reisen & Lokales. Sie können alle Apps von dem Entwickler der Suica Balance Reader - Japan Smart Card Reader durchsuchen und 40 alternative Apps zu Suica Balance Reader - Japan Smart Card Reader auf Android finden. Derzeit ist diese APP kostenlos. Diese App kann auf Android 4.1+ auf APKFab oder Google Play. このアプリは交通系ICカードの残高確認ができます。 利用履歴も最近の20件を表示可能! 対応カード:Suica / PASMO / TOICA / Kitaca / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA など その他カード:nanaco / 楽天Edy / WAON ※nanacoの場合は最近の5件のみ表示可能です。 ※楽天Edyの場合は最近の6件のみ表示可能です

Citi counts SUICA payments as bonus travel category. Apple Pay is not widely accepted. There are times when I put my phone to the transponder, my Apple Pay credit card is selected over SUICA, and I had to manually go into Wallet and pick the correct payment method After updating iOS 10.1 on my iPhone 7 plus I tried to adding the Suica on my iPhone but I couldn't Bei Apple gibt es auch noch eine Hilfeseite dazu auch auf Deutsch sucht bei Apple nach Suica-Karte in Apple Pay einrichten. Damit hatten wir dann immer einen Fahrschein dabei und konnten auch bei FamilyMart, am Getränkeautomat, bei Starbucks etc. bezahlen. Ich habe damit in Hiroshima in der Straßenbahn, in der Metro in Tokio und Osaka meine Fahrten bezahlt und bei FamilyMart sehr.

iPhone とSuicaカードがあれば、iPhone にSuicaを追加してすぐに利用したり 、チャージしたり、定期の更新ができますが、この App を使えばさらに様々なことが可能に。例えばSuicaカードを持っていなくても新規のSuicaカードを iPhone に追加できるだけでなく、定期券、グリーン券、新幹線のきっぷの. Suica Card $ 24 Using public transport has never been so easy. Details. Pasmo Card $ 24 A prepaid card perfect for your transportation on trains, subways, and buses in Japan. Details . Transfer Airport Kyoto From $ 39 Shuttle van services between Kansai Airport and Kyoto city.. Step 02:打開 Suica App 申請無記名 Suica Suica 有分成「My Suica (記名式)」和「Suica (無記名) Step 05:Suica 申請完成,已設定為快速交通卡(Express Transit Card) 看到下圖右方的畫面就表示 Suica 已成功申請完畢,可以開始使用囉! 日本當地實際使用心得. 由於已經將 Suica 設定為「快速交通卡」,所以使用. You top up Suica cards at JR train stations in Tokyo. What happens if you lose your card? Pasmo offers a named Pasmo card that can be reissued if lost. When you purchase if, you must input personal details. To be honest, I don't recommend buying a named card because it's a bit of a hassle. Just don't put too much money on the card at one time and be careful with it. Can you use Pasmo/Suica.

Apple PayでのSuicaサービスの使い方動画をご案内しています Apple-Pay-Alternativen zu PayPal. Wenn ihr keine Kreditkarte besitzt oder eure Bank Apple Pay nicht unterstützt, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass ihr darauf verzichten müsst. Ein. Apple Payを使えば安全に、簡単に、プライバシーを守りながら、お店、アプリ内、Safariを使ったウェブ上でショッピングができます。SuicaとPASMOにも対応しているので、日本全国の交通機関に乗ることもできます Suica and IC Card reader - Suikakeibo App description by mediavrog. Suica and IC Card reader - Suikakeibo for Android is recently updated navigation suica application by mediavrog, that can be used for various card purposes. The Suica and IC Card reader - Suikakeibo APK is confirmed safe by VirusTotal. Its latest version 1.0 has 101332 downloads

Suica can be even more straightforward with the use of a smartphone application. Just download the app and connect it to your credit card. You can recharge it wherever and whenever you want. You can either purchase a new Suica card via this app or transfer your old one by scanning it with your mobile camera. Once you have created your mobile. 8. Tap the Apple Pay button. 9. Choose a device to add your card to. 10. Tap next. 11. Tap 'Agree' at the bottom right. 12. Tap 'Done' 13. When you are all done, make sure to change your phone's region back to what it was before. If you need to recharge your Suica card, you do so from your Apple Wallet, not the Suica App. Once the. Suica is a smart card used to pay at train stations and convenience stores in Japan. In 2016, Apple added support for Suica to Apple Pay on iPhone 7 devices sold in Japan. This year, all iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices have support, regardless of where they're sold. But there are some limitations. When a physical Suica is transferred to Apple Pay, the physical card cannot be used anymore. This.

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Apple has changed that this year; you can now both add 'existing' cards to Apple Pay, or create virtual cards via the Suica app, which I'll show you here. You don't need to fiddle with any settings, nor create any additional App Store accounts! However, the app is only available in Japanese, hence the below screenshots/video to guide you through. Note: If you *do* want to add an. Smart cards like Icoca, Suica and Pasmo are generally valid across Japan, so don't worry about which one you buy. You can use Icoca/Pasmo/Suica for all trains, subways and buses in Osaka. You can also use Icoca/Pasmo/Suica at many shops, especially convenience stores. You can use Icoca/Pasmo/Suica in other parts of Japan as well. Buy Icoca cards from vending machines at JR stations in Osaka. Suica-compatible Fitbit Charge 4 users can add their Suica and up to six credit or debit cards to their Fitbit Wallet in the Fitbit app on Android or iOS mobile devices to access Suica features.

Téléchargez l'APK 3.0.6 de Suica Balance Reader - Japan Smart Card Reader pour Android. Vérifiez le solde des cartes de transport japonais telles que Suica, PASMO, ICOCA Suica Cards Can Be Charged in 10 Yen Units. Many of Japan's IC cards, including the Suica card can be charged in 10 yen units. You do not need to charge 1,000 yen to your card when you don't need that much. This how-to article is useful to people who want to use up their extra change or for those who want to save money and use any loose change. The Suica card is a prepaid smart card that allows you to use most public transport (metro, trains, buses, monorail) in Japan.The card is debited for every trip or purchase you make when you touch the card to the reader.The Suica card was created by JR East, but can also be used throughout Japan on the other prepaid card networks like Pasmo.. The Suica card is already loaded and ready to use On Apple devices, you can use Suica with Apple Pay to use the service on your iPhone or Apple Watch. On Android devices, you can link Suica with Google Pay. If you don't want to link a credit card and would rather just recharge by other means, EASY Mobile Suica is another option to consider. Recharges are available from 1,000 yen and up, and can be done using a registered credit card/payment. The Suica app will detect when you've paired with the watch and will have more options in the app than without a paired watch. After setting up the Suica card and send it to the Apple Wallet on your watch, the Suica app will also show the balance and you can reload with your Apple Pay credit card on your phone

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Apple Pay in der Wallet hinzufügen. Auf dem iPhone: Wallet App öffnen und auf das + Zeichen obern rechts in der Ecke tippen.Fügen Sie Ihre ING VISA Card hinzu und bestätigen Sie die Kartendaten und Nutzungsbedingungen. Auf der Apple Watch: Apple Watch App auf dem iPhone öffnen.Den Menüpunkt Wallet & Apple Pay auswählen und auf Kredit- oder Debitkarte hinzufügen tippen The minute it's transferred, Apple Pay shows additional 500 yen (representing the deposit amount) available immediately for paying train fare. Obviously you do this transfer before your last transit trip so that you can use that 500 yen to pay for fares or other purchases. OR use JR East app to issue a new suica card to apple pay with 0 yen. So. Baixar Suica Balance Reader - Japan Smart Card Reader apk 3.0.6 for Android. Verifique o saldo de cartões de transporte japoneses, como Suica, PASMO, ICOCA The Apple Pay Advantage of Suica Card. One particular advantage I like about Suica is its integration with Apple Pay. How to set up a Suica Card in Apple Pay. The Design Advantages of PASMO Card. One thing I like and prefer about PASMO is the new limited Kanto design cards. There's a limited edition of 30,000, and they're currently on sale through July 2019. Learn more about participating. Cards cannot be topped up if the balance will exceed ¥20,000. If you accidentally added value to your card, the amount can be refunded with no handling fees only on that day and at the station where it was added, and only if it has not been used after being topped up. Topping up on the bus. On the bus, it can be topped up in denominations of ¥1,000 (¥1,000 bills only). Please talk to the.

Download Suica and IC Card reader for your Android device. iOS Android iOS Android 4.8 from 129 trusted reviews Suica and IC Card reader mediavrog. 4.8 from 129 trusted reviews Free. Offers in-app purchases ($1.99 - $4.99). If you are fed up wasting your time going to combini or station to charge your suica. This video might help u. U can charge your suica with your credit card or au wallet card in a few seconds.

Those two are still SUICA cards (by their mark, offered by JR East), which is what ApplePay supports, so you can, but I believe you won't see the slightly different card design on ApplePay / Apple Watch unlike the credit cards (at least AMEX and Chase ones) that shows the same design on the phone/watch, if you care about that Die Visa-Karte wird man ja zukünftig mit der Wallet-App auf dem iPhone verknüpfen und so Apple Pay mit der ING nutzen können. Die Gutschrift kann man sich ja auch schon jetzt mal holen I'm not sure if you are able to do this on an Android and/or with an ICOCA card. If anyone manages to, tell me (talking to my probably 2 readers). According to the JReast website. You don't even have to own a physical SUICA card, just create a new one from the SUICA app, and that's enough. Although that is only in Japanese language You can buy Suica cards at any major JR EAST station using the ticket vending machines or at JR ticket offices (called Midori no Madoguchi in Japanese), as well as at travel service centers. Midori no Madoguchi (みどりの窓口) If you buy a Suica card from a JR ticket office, you will be required to show your passport. If you're using a ticket vending machine, please use one that is. Google Pay App einrichten. So richten Sie die Google Pay App ein: Vergewissern Sie sich, dass auf Ihrem Smartphone Android Lollipop (5.0) oder höher installiert ist. Laden Sie Google Pay herunter. Öffnen Sie die Google Pay App und folgen Sie der Anleitung zur Einrichtung. Wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden, fügen Sie eine Karte hinzu

The major changes include being able to have several Suica cards on Android (already possible on iOS), payment via Google Pay, transfer of Suica from one device to another, etc. 16 comments. share. save. hide. report. 97% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1 . 2 days ago. English summary. Most important thing to know is if you're using Suica on.

Suica App v2Basic Guide to IC Cards and the Suica App in Japan – BasicCreating a new Suica to use in Apple Pay — Kevin ChenApple Pay Suica Recharge Performance in iOS 12
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